Poems and Excerpts

You will find here a short selection of my work. Firstly, three poems which appear in A Cat in My Lap and then poems from the new book under the title Great Bear Day. Under Some I Made Earlier are older poems on various subjects, that have always been popular with readers and audiences, together with one or two I made later when the grandchildren arrived, and one for my favourite singer/songwriter.

Excerpts contains two brief extracts from Of Dogs and Cats and Bear and one from Dear Dear Mary which is written in a cat’s voice. No poems in the latter, as Amber, although very talented, was not a poet.


Twinky Dancing
Twinky DancingDate/SourceRead poem
A Cat in My Lap
A Cat in My LapDate/SourceRead poem
Haiku (on doors)
Haiku (on doors)Date/SourceRead poem
Great Bear Day
Great Bear DayDate/SourceRead poem
Some I Made Earlier
Some I Made EarlierDate/SourceRead poem


Dogs and Doodlebugs
Dogs and DoodlebugsFrom Of Dogs and Cats and Bear Read excerpt
‘Said the Cat . . .’
‘Said the Cat . . .’From Of Dogs and Cats and BearRead excerpt
Amber`s second letter
Amber`s second letterFrom Dear Dear MaryRead excerpt
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