Alfresco Books

Alfresco Books was founded in 1991 by Jen Darling, initially to publish her own walking books. Since then, she has also produced and distributed books by other authors on a variety of topics – wildlife and organic gardening, travel and adventure, and others for cat lovers and children.

I met my good friend Jen Darling through my work with the disabled writing group Disabled Not Daft when she took over the production of their magazine, which I edited. She then became interested in my own writing and her company Alfresco Books became my publisher.

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Marilyn Edwards

I enjoyed Marilyn Edward’s Moon Cottage cat books so much that I made contact with her and she has become a good and supportive friend, introducing me in turn to the artist France Bauduin, who has illustrated two of Marilyn’s books:
White Chin and Magnificat.

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Ronald Rae

Enjoy the sculptures, drawings, book illustrations, cartoons, mixed media and poems by Ronald Rae, master carver and one of the most prolific and versatile artists in the UK.

I first encountered Ronald Rae’s magnificent sculptures in Regent’s Park where he had a large exhibition, and where I fell in love with Bear. Some years later Bear found its way into our garden and Ronald and Pauline became our friends.

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France Bauduin

France Bauduin is the illustrator for Of Dogs and Cats and Bear and most of the illustrations used on this website are hers.

France draws all animals beautifully but specialises in cats and her illustrations for my book are a joy. Two of our current, lovely cats came as kittens from her home.

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Russell Treasure

Russell Treasure lives up to his name. Recommended by a friend who also needed to learn social networking skills, he has been a godsend. With his expertise and endless patience, coupled with his own real affection for animals, he is a pleasure to work with.

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Thomas Völker

Thomas Völker is our man in Berlin; multi-talented, he speaks depressingly good English  (when one is trying to stutter around German oneself!). He is a trained musician, has an MA from the Royal College of Art, creates short films and video installations and is a fine web designer, as you can see here.

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Mark Gibbs

Mark Gibbs became a friend after we discovered his work at an exhibition in Penrith and then commissioned a painting from him. He is both painter and sculptor and specialises in depicting animals and wilderness scenes.

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